mwagner — 2021/04/23
Just some notes on the speculation on launchpads. While we have mentioned some of the potential venues we will be using, actual launchpads are subject to change. We are still months away from the IDO. Please wait for the formal announcement from our team on launchapd/IDO/IEO strategy before making any strategic decisions.

INCREDIBOS — 2021/04/20
@Santiacc any further details on the possible paywall for the galactic offering tokens?

Santiacc — 2021/04/20
Not yet, sorry

mwagner — 2021/04/21
I’m not entirely clear on the question here, but we are making the asset sale as accessible as possible. We’re working with several IDO platforms. In those cases, there are token ownership requirements, AFAIK. We also have an IEO within the distribution model. The game assets will be available for sale through our marketplace, and no ‘paywall’ will exist.

Nyu — 2021/04/21
Are we having any benefit apart of Art if we own only the first 1-2 NFT? I wanna jump into art but I wanna have budget for ATLAS and POLIS :eyes:

mwagner — 2021/04/21
There are some benefits through Loot Boxes. And also the ability to pool those assets with others.

INCREDIBOS — 2021/04/21
Yeah but we’ll need atlas at least for every basic thing so in a way we’d be forced to pay extra to get it, either by having to get IDO’s token or buy the 10x-ed value off of moonboys on the public sale, I’d wish there’s a way to acquire small portions without a paywall and perhaps a paywall for bigger allocation only

mwagner — 2021/04/21
Ah, the game assets will be available for a sale in a variety of payment assets. USDC, for example.
ATLAS / POLIS do provide 33% discounts on items, so worth considering a purchase if you get access.
Plus the tokens will be required as a component of gameplay, but you won’t be blocked out of the game if you don’t have them initially.

INCREDIBOS — 2021/04/21
does that mean my ship will come loaded with gas initially haha 🙂

KristianDragnel — 2021/04/21
In simple words, we will be able to buy ATLAS and POLIS from the in-game marketplace with USDC without some crazy fees? For example If i have 1000$ and i want to use half of it for POLIS and the other half for ATLAS without the need of paying extra fees or taxes. Do i understand this correctly?

mwagner — 2021/04/21
Token sales through the platform is a bit of a sensitive issue, from the regulatory standpoint.
If we can accommodate pre-TGE, we will

KristianDragnel — 2021/04/21
So people are worried about the paywalls which will be implemented by those 3rd party platforms. In a way, we will have to pay them extra if we want to buy the tokens? What makes them so special that they have no regulatory issues when selling the tokens, but Star Atlas platform will have issues. I’m sure that everyone will agree that having the tokens on your platform will be easier for all users. I don’t really know what the regulatory issues are, but i hope they can be resolved. Many people will be very unhappy if they have to pay some outsiders in order to get their hands on the tokens.

mwagner — 2021/04/21
Many of these projects are completely Anon. We are not.
And we are also exposed for jurisdictional regions. We will do what we can to make these more accessible though.

BlockchainMan | SAIADao — 2021/04/21
Are you saying that the GAO distribution of ATLAS/POLIS will be limited to KYC/AML entities? (If I get another “not available to US entities…) Details on how tokens will be made available would be very helpful. What other venues will be available for purchasing tokens during the GAO? I assume some soft of distribution will be forthcoming as ReBirth NFT bonuses, and I would also hope that you have some mechanics in place to allow us to purchase on day one, such as an AMM pool. Perhaps a number of NFTs that would allow people to purchase a set amount of tokens (10,100,1000, &c..) would be another possibility.

mwagner — 2021/04/21
I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting that purchasing through an IDO platform increases the optionality for people around the world to purchase.

BlockchainMan | SAIADao — 2021/04/21
Have you considered putting the entire phase 1 supply in an AMM? There’s been some recent success with Balancer Liquidity Pools, which would minimize the amount of ETH or USDC that you would need on the other side of ATLAS/POLIS, and would dynamically change the token weighting as the sale goes on:

mwagner — 2021/04/21
It’s an interesting proposal. However, we generally feel there will be greater awareness and purchasing appeal when going through established platforms.

XilixZero — 2021/03/13
Hello everyone. Just wondering if the POLIS token is available yet? Recently learned about this project… super interesting. When does the project launch? Thanks!
mwagner — 2021/03/16
No tokens are available yet. Token sales will not take place until Phase 2 of the GAO in July.

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