mwagner — 2021/04/01
Just wanted to pop in to say I am loving all of the strategy and speculation discussion going on in here. We are hearing all of your feedback, even when we aren’t actively responding! There have been several questions surrounding the use of POLIS in the game, so I wanted to provide a little clarity.

Think of POLIS more as a buff/enhancements/skill that can be deployed in the game through ownership. It is not an overpowered tool for guaranteed victory over other players. Space is vast. If someone is dominating you through POLIS, you have several strategic decisions you can make to overcome that obstacle. In no way will POLIS tip the balance in favor of holders, but it will improve their chances of ‘winning’, all other factors being equal.

The intention with POLIS is, however, is to provide the holder with a mechanism to determine laws, rules, fines, fees, etc. within their microeconomy. The specific method in which this mechanism will roll out is not fully defined, but again, is intended to lead to higher orders of thought about how to engage with the Metaverse at large.

And I will just reiterate here that POLIS also has considerable governance benefits with respect to the game development process itself. So to the extent you want to have a larger voice in how the metaverse evolves in the future, buying or earning POLIS over time will be of benefit.

UKG — 2021/03/21
Thanks, KristianDragnel. I think there is no info about 1 Polis = ? Atlas.

mwagner — 2021/03/21
Little alpha drop. It will be 100:1 A/P

mwagner — 2021/03/21
ATLAS will absolutely be used for ship purchases and upgrades. In fact, earning ATLAS can pay for all expenses in the game. It just has the added bonus of giving a 33% discount when buying new issuance from us. Which, by the way, will be closely monitored so we don’t disrupt a functioning economy. Eventually that process will be fully decentralized. Could take years though
POLIS also provides a discount on a variety of items: Land, Crew, etc. – ATLAS: Ships, Components, etc.

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