GAO(Galactic Asset Offering)はReBirthに続くNFT・トークンセールです。


mwagner — 2021/04/01
There are some modifications to the whitepaper that haven’t been updated in the document as yet. The Atlassian newsletter provides more clarity surrounding our official launch campaign. To summarize briefly here, the April event will consist of an NFT Collectible series which is pure digital art. However, owning the art comes with some perks ;). It is possible that we also make a limited number of in-game asset NFTs available during this process, though not guaranteed at this time. The TGE and primary in-game asset sale will take place in July.
mwagner — 2021/04/01
Yes. ATLAS and POLIS are the tokens. The rest of the game assets are NFTs.

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